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Support for Solar Power Introduction and Operation

We conduct energy yield simulations, technical due diligence for power generation facilities, natural disaster risk reviews, reviews of EPC and O&M contracts, and reviews of notifications for permits and approvals associated with relevant laws and regulations and development activities.
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Markets and Trends

The introduction of Japan’s Feed-in Tariff scheme has led to the construction of photovoltaic (PV) power facilities throughout Japan, ranging from small-scale stations that generate around 10 kW to large-scale ones with outputs of more than 100 MW.
Technical due diligence refers to the technical assessment of a power facility for the purpose of financing its construction. However, technical assessments of PV power facilities will be required in addition to technical due diligence during construction when those facilities are bought and sold after they go into operation. Thus, we expect that demand for technical due diligence will continue to grow.
Energy yield simulation
We predict the energy yield of a PV facility by taking into account its performance based on its technical specifications as well as an array of natural factors. Such factors include astronomical and geometrical conditions (such as the position of the sun and shade from the topography and trees), snow, and falling ash. We also estimate energy yield by considering long-term fluctuations in the amount of solar radiation.
Service Examples

We estimate energy yield of PV plants by considering the following factors:

Performance of the PV power generating facility
The effects of shading due to the topography, surrounding trees and PV arrays
The effects of snowfall, snow accumulation, volcanic ash, etc.
Technical due diligence of power generation facilities
Various items of machinery and equipment are installed in PV plants in order to achieve the expected performance even in harsh natural environments. Through our technical assessments, we evaluate whether electricity can be reliably supplied by the targeted PV plant and whether it can be operated continuously without impacting the surrounding environment over the course of the 20-year project life.
Service Examples

Typical assessments of PV plants

Solar modules, PCS, rackings and foundations
Junction boxes/collector boxes, transformers, and grid connection equipment
Evaluation of equipment and monitoring systems, data collection, etc.
Natural disaster risk review
PV plants require large amounts of land. Consequently, there are times when their sites have undulating terrain or soft ground, such as wetlands. At times, such conditions require the construction of ground embankments, earthworks (cut and fill), or other forms of ground improvement.
Moreover, impacts from the natural environment surrounding the facility―which can include earthquake damage, storm surges, and falling volcanic ash―can significantly affect a project’s plan.
This makes it vitally important to review natural environment risks envisioned at the project site in advance.
Service Examples
Ground-related risks (earthquakes, landslides, soft ground, liquefaction, etc.)
Water disaster risks (tsunami, storm surges, etc.)
Other risks (volcanic ash, etc.)
Review of EPC and O&M contracts
A wide variety of contracts are associated with PV plants. However, EPC contracts and O&M contracts are among the most important.
We conduct EPC contract reviews in which we assess whether the safety, durability, strength, and performance of equipment being used in the construction of the PV plant are being sufficiently ensured under the EPC contractor’s responsibility. We also conduct O&M contract reviews in which we evaluate whether operation and maintenance are appropriate in terms of content and frequency after the start of operation.
Service Examples

Contract-related reviews associated with PV projects

Site preparation and underground conditions
Defect warranties and performance guarantees
Completion inspections and performance ratio acceptance inspections
Compensation for completion delays
Assessment of content and frequency of operation and maintenance
Review of notifications for permits and approvals associated with relevant laws and regulations/development activities
Various permits, approvals, and notifications associated with development activity must be processed in advance of PV plant construction.
They serve as important indicators for objectively evaluating whether a PV facility’s construction was conducted properly.
We conduct reviews covering the circumstances of notifications specified in laws and regulations that relate to power facility construction as well as discussions with local governments.
Service Examples

Reviews concerning notification/acquirement of permits and approvals relating to laws and regulations associated with PV plant development and discussions with local governments, etc.

Laws and regulations pertaining to area use planning (National Land Use Planning Act, Cropland Act, Forest Act, River Act, Coast Act, etc.)
Laws and regulations pertaining to disaster prevention (Sand Control Act, Act on Prevention of Disasters Caused by Steep Slope Failure, etc.)
Laws and regulations pertaining to environments (Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act, Nature Conservation Act, Natural Parks Act, etc.)
Law and regulations pertaining to living organisms and ecosystems (Act on Conservation of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, etc.



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