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A comprehensive environment and energy consultant
E&E Solutions was born in 1972 as a joint venture between the former Dames & Moore Co., Ltd. (United States) and a leading plant manufacturer in Japan.
As a comprehensive consultant in the fields of “Environment” and “Energy,” from which we take our name, we provide our customers with optimal solutions that constantly look ahead to next-generation changes.

STRENGTHSOur strengths

A network capable of providing the best possible services throughout the world
Nowadays, it is not only international bodies and public institutions who must take global action in real time, but also various companies and organizations.
At E&E Solutions, we can move swiftly to provide the best possible consulting services for myriad projects around the world. We get this capability by building a framework for precise collaboration with major consultants that lead top-class projects worldwide as well as local consultants in individual countries and region.
Trust earned over a half-century
For half a century since our founding in 1972―a time when pollution was a topic of considerable concern in Japan―we have been working hand in hand with our customers to implement activities that address “the environment” and “energy.”
The area of these activities now extends from Japan to more than 100 countries around the globe, and we are continuing to expand it together with our customers.
The environment and financing
In recent years, expectations have arisen in financial markets for incentives to consider the environment through investment and financing. 
We are involved in a broad range of assessment operations that come from the financing angle. Such operations include environmental/social consideration studies in project financing and assessments of guideline compliance for “Green Bonds.” They also extend to environmental due diligence when mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are concluded and technical due diligence for project financing. Our track record here stands among the very best in Japan.



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