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Handling of personal information

This website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”) is operated for the purpose of providing information on E&E Solutions Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company,” “we” or “us.”).

In connection with your use of the Website, we may ask you to provide personal information (for inquiries, questionnaires, email registration, etc.). When asking you to provide personal information on the Website, we will, in all cases, clearly indicate the purpose of registration and of using the registered information, and adopt a system that users who have agreed to the purpose of registration.

The information we ask for is mainly personal information, such as company name, name, e-mail address, telephone number, and address, which is necessary for us to respond to your inquiry. We may also ask you questions that are out of the scope provided above. However, with the exception of items that are minimally required, answering those questions will be optional and based on your discretion. We will not alter any information that you provide without your consent.

We will not disclose or provide any information that you registered on the Website to any third party. We will manage your registered personal information with the utmost care.


The Website is operated and managed by E&E Solutions Inc.

Before using the Website, please read the following Terms of Use carefully and use the Website only if you agree to those Terms of Use.
Please understand that, by using the website, you will be considered to have agreed to all of the Terms of Use.

Please note that we may change the Terms of Use for the Website as necessary. We therefore request that you read the Terms of Use each time you use the Website.

・Although we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information provided on the Website, we do not assume any responsibility for any actions taken by you using the information on the Website. Please use the information of the Website by your own judgment. In the unlikely event that you incur damage for which the Website’s content was a cause, we will not be liable for said damage.
・Please note that we may change, revise, update, or remove the text and content of the Website without notice.

・We will accept no responsibility for any damage caused as a result of inaccurate descriptions or typographical errors contained in the Website.

・We will accept no responsibility for any damage to your software or hardware―including breakdown, malfunction, infection by computer virus, and loss of or damage to data―resulting from downloads with the Website.
・In the event that you are transferred from the Website to another website through a link, banner, etc., we will accept no responsibility for information, services, etc., that are provided by that website.


Unless otherwise stated, the copyright for individual texts, photographs, images, music, sounds, or other copyrighted items appearing on the Website shall belong to us, the original copyright holder, or other rights holder.

Except for printing or storing for personal use or other cases permitted by the Copyright Act, it is prohibited by the Copyright Act to reproduce, modify, or post on websites other than this site any text, photographs, images, music, voice, or other works on the Website without the permission of us, the original author, or other right holders. We therefore request that you contact us for permission in advance when intending to use any of the aforementioned items.
Please note that we may refuse permission if we deem the intended use to be inappropriate or otherwise unacceptable.


Please note that link conditions are subject to change without notice. We request that you follow the updated Terms and Conditions when link conditions are changed.

In principle, links to the Website (referring to the website with the domain may be created freely. However, we do not assume any liability for the content of any third-party site that is linked to or from the Website.

The content and URLs of the Website are subject to change or deletion without notice. Therefore, if you wish to create a link to the Website, please set the link to the Website’s homepage (

We will not accept any of following links or links that may be such links.

・A link from a website containing content that slanders or damages the reputation of us, our products or services, or executives or employees ・A link from a website that damages our reputation or dignity, such as a website that is offensive to public manners and morals ・A link from a website that posts illegal content or is otherwise associated with, or may be associated with, illegal activity ・A link creating the mistaken impression of an affiliation or cooperative relationship with us, or creating the mistaken impression that we recognize or support the link’s source website ・A link using frames or other means that make it unclear that content belongs to us ・Any other links that we deem to be inappropriate
We may request the deletion of any of the above links, even if we originally gave permission for it.

Recommended browser

The Website has been tested with the following environment and browser. We recommend using the indicated browser when using the Website. (As of July 1, 2021)

[Windows users]
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9、10
Chrome (latest version)

・Please note that, depending on the browser software and OS combination, some displays may be disrupted and some functions may be unavailable even in the environment indicated above. ・Please contact your browser software’s provider for details on settings, etc.



Please feel free to make inquiries by telephone or email.
+81 (0)3 6328 0080Inquiries are accepted between 10:00 am and 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday