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Center of Diversity
At E&E Solutions Inc., we believe that having a diversity of ideas is the key to resolving increasingly complex global environmental issues.
We also believe that having human resources possessing a diversity of specialties is of extreme importance when responding to a broad range of issues.
Refusing to be bound by established concepts, we provide new solutions based on a “core of diversity” that incorporates all ideas.
Earth Rebirth
Creating the ideal Earth environment by building harmony between the natural environment and human beings through the full application of cutting-edge technologies―this is our Corporate Philosophy.
We execute a unique business strategy that targets not only Japan but the entire world.
We believe the foundation for this is provided by the solid track record we have built over half a century and our free and enterprising corporate culture, and by the hard work and cooperative spirit demonstrated by each of our employees.
Moreover, we believe our strength arises from the fact that we have developed our businesses in cooperation with our parent company ever since our founding, and that our parent company supports us with technologies, manpower, and funding when needed.
We express our policy for action like this: “Constantly take on cutting-edge challenges, and pursue and create consulting technologies that contribute to human advancement.
Remain faithful to the customer and persist in maintaining fairness.” Many problems lie before us, the inhabitants of the 21st century.
They include environmental pollution, global warming, energy and resource depletion, poverty, and gender disparities to name just a few.
We will continually and persistently strive to find answers to these problems, looking forward to the day when humankind and the natural environment can exist comfortably side by side.



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