E&E Solutions Inc.
Corporate Information
Representative DirectorSatoshi Kawakami
Our company, E&E Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1972. Over the half-century since then, we have steadily built a unique position in the consultant industry as a consultant specializing in the environment and energy―just as the “E&E” in our name suggests-by constantly anticipating changing times and customer needs.
Our success here is deeply connected with the fact that we were born as a joint venture between a top Japanese engineering company and an internationally prominent environmental consulting company in the United States.

In 2001, we became a member of the DOWA Group. Our membership allows us to leverage DOWA’s global-scale environment business and resources recycling business to enhance our practical consulting capabilities and readily handle all project sizes. We are steadily evolving and developing as a comprehensive consultant company focused on the environment and energy, one capable of succeeding on the global stage as a representative of Japan.

Furthermore, we have become recognized as one of just a handful of companies capable of addressing all aspects of the emerging field of “renewable energy.” From environmental assessments for solar power generation, offshore and other types of wind power generation, and biomass power generation to due diligence reporting, we have what it takes to get the job done right.

Our far-reaching consulting capabilities, backed by extensive experience and achievements concerning the environment and energy, are rated highly by national government bodies, local governments, major companies, commercial banks, investment and financing institutions, non-life insurance companies, foreign-owned companies, overseas organizations, and many others.

For a wide spectrum of problems in Japan and abroad, we aim to continue providing consulting services in a manner that is prompt, delivers superior quality, and perfectly meets customers’ needs.



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