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Soil and Groundwater Countermeasures

We have been providing services concerning soil and groundwater contamination since the early 1980s. We not only undertake soil and groundwater investigations and remediation ourselves but also provide a variety of consulting services that support soil and groundwater remediation.
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Markets and Trends

We are receiving a growing number of inquiries that, instead of asking us to directly undertake a soil or groundwater investigation, concern pre-investigation steps or responses to identified instances of soil or groundwater contamination. Such inquiries are made because the customer cannot keep up with increased investigation demand arising from revisions to the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act in Japan or does not know how to reinforce its internal management with respect to soil and groundwater.
Soil and Groundwater Contamination Management Support
Our services supporting soil and groundwater contamination management are tailor-made to fit each project, as the details vary from project to project.
The main activities cover a broad range that includes reviews of documents and reports, interviews and discussions with government, the holding of public briefings, interviews with experts, studies of the operator’s internal management methods, soil and groundwater investigations and remediation, and periodic monitoring.
We combine these activities to provide support in addressing problems our customers want solved.
Service Examples
Consulting concerning OAP soil and groundwater contamination
Study of soil/groundwater contamination risk assessment methods
Assessment of oil leak countermeasures by a domestic automobile manufacturer
Risk Communication
Consensus is not formed when a business simply gives information to local residents in a unilateral manner. Instead, it is formed through communication that involves sharing information among all interested parties, which include the business, residents, and government.
For residents, a report of soil or groundwater contamination is simply bad news that brings no benefits whatsoever. On top of this, explanatory documents tend to be full of complex and incomprehensible terminology. This makes gaining residents’ understanding by repeatedly and accurately explaining the situation from their perspective, using easy-to-understand expressions, essential to the smooth resolution of soil and groundwater contamination problems.



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