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Support for Renewable Energy Introduction

We have been developing various services relating to renewable energy since the 1980s. We provide technical due diligence that supports the utilization of renewable energy in various forms by bringing to bear our vast store of accomplishments, experience, and technology.
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Markets and Trends

In addition to being the most effective means of combatting global warming, the introduction of renewable energy is attracting attention and gaining necessity in terms of the use of purely domestic energy sources, development of independent power sources, and other vantage points.
Renewable energy faces a number of challenges, including grid interconnection-related limitations arising from its nature as a variable power supply, its environmental impacts, and the decreasing availability of suitable land for power facility construction. Nonetheless, its introduction is expected to become increasingly commonplace in the years ahead.
Power Generation Prediction, Feasibility Studies (FS)
In the commercialization of renewable energy, an extremely important item that determines a project’s success or failure is the accurate prediction of the amount of power that will be generated.
We have a strong track record and ample know-how in this area. We have been involved in predicting power generation since the initial introduction of wind power in the 1990s, and we have also completed numerous power generation predictions for solar power, biomass energy, and other forms of renewable energy.
We also conduct studies on the optimum equipment layout, power generation scale, and equipment type, and assess the impacts of output suppression.
Service Examples
Power generation prediction for PV power facilities (new and existing)
Power generation prediction for wind power facilities (new and existing)
Power generation prediction for various renewable energy facilities (including hybrid power facilities)
Technical due diligence services, checks during construction/post-completion checks, performance verification (at completion and after the start of operation)
It takes a considerable amount of time to get a renewable energy project off the ground. Moreover, the length of power purchase agreements is generally around 20 years. These factors mean that the time between the structuring of project finance and the completion of repayment is quite long.
Technical due diligence for operators is divided into four stages: before the conclusion of the financing contract, during construction, at the completion of construction, and after the start of commercial operation.
At each stage, a third-party review that takes technical issues into account is conducted to identify risks that could have an adverse impact on commercialization and power facility operations.
Service Examples
Risk assessment covering technical and environmental aspects of the project plan before the conclusion of the financing contract (Stage 1)
Progress monitoring of construction/validity assessment of process and work changes during construction (Stage 2)
Verification of equipment completion and performance at the completion of construction (Stage 3)
Performance verification, period inspection reviews, and troubleshooting support after the start of commercial operation (Stage 4)
Due Diligence
This translates into Japanese as “baishu shinsa” (買収審査). When conducting an M&A (merger and acquisition), it becomes necessary to determine the acquisition price after conducting a detailed assessment of the target company (or project) and then formulate a scheme for the M&A. Due diligence is the process of conducting the various investigations (assessments) needed for these steps.
Technical due diligence for a power generating project refers to an assessment of the technologies upon which the targeted project is planned and implemented and how it is technically supported. In the case of power generation projects, the term “due diligence” is used for not only acquisitions but also new development projects and refers to an assessment or inspection of the project’s appropriateness and safety from a technical standpoint.
Repowering/Replacement-Related Services
An increasing number of power generation facilities are approaching the end of their project lives. Among them are wind power generation facilities that were among the first to begin operation. Replacing these facilities and re-executing the projects can hold down development costs and risks. Moreover, facility replacement can lead to better project viability.
We provide various services in this area, among them are the power generation predictions and environmental impact assessments that are needed when considering facility replacement.
Service Examples
Power generation prediction for replacement, technical due diligence
Environmental impact assessment for replacement (including voluntary assessment)



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