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Business Description

ESG Support

To promote environment-friendly and sustainable business, we provide support for ESG investment/financing and CSR initiatives at business companies as well as consulting services for financial institutions to help them make investment and financing decisions concerning companies and individual projects.

Markets and Trends

The awareness that ESG initiatives, which are referred to as non-financial information, significantly affect corporate value is spreading throughout the world. More and more companies incorporate ESG investment into their business strategies and utilize it as a business opportunity. ESG investment is also gaining importance in the financial sector; for example, it is used as a measure of corporate value and thus serves as a “criterion for investment decisions.”
Support for Sustainable Bonds and Loans (Issuance, Framework Establishment)
“Sustainable finance” refers to a diverse range of financing services that are premised on environmental and social benefits. The sustainable finance market has been growing rapidly in recent years.
We provide extensive support services, ranging from raising funds to make investment decisions, by leveraging our experience and expertise as an environmental consultant to the financial institutions.
Support for Green Bond/Loan
We conduct environmental assessments from technical perspectives and provide technical report to issuers and investors in Green Bonds and lenders and borrowers in Green Loans.
Support for the Establishment of
Green Finance Frameworks
We support the development of frameworks that establish basic policies of green finance for issuers and lenders. (We are a registered company of “Registration System of Green Bond Issuance Supporters” by the Ministry of the Environment)
Service Examples
Support for Green Project Assessments
Support for the Development of In-House Systems and Environmental Policies
Support for Reporting Preparation
What is ESG investment and financing?
“ESG” refers to the concept of stressing the three elements of “environment,” “social,” and “governance” for companies to achieve long-term growth. It is an acronym formed by the first letters of those elements.
More and more companies are switching to ESG-friendly management as they have learned that their traditional profits-first approach may have led to the emergence of various environmental and social problems.
ESG investment and financing refers to investment and financing by investors who pay attention to and select ESG-conscious companies. In recent years, non-financial information related to ESG has come to stand alongside financial information as an important factor in making investment and financing decisions.
Transition Support (Quantitative Analysis of Environmental Improvement Effects, Consulting, Review)
Transition is the process of moving from a business that emits a large amount of GHGs or have a large environmental impact to a “low-carbon” or “environment-friendly” business.
We provide support in quantifying the effects of transition activities―in other words, “environmental improvement effects”―and in properly comprehending those effects.
Service Examples
Consulting for Transition
Support for CSR Initiatives
We believe that “CSR refers to initiatives to become a company that is trusted and needed by society and that survives into the future.”
In order to respond to a broad range of stakeholders, we provide comprehensive services for a great variety of CSR activities. The services include the development of policies, systems, plans as well as in-house education by taking into account its strengths, weaknesses and unique characteristics. We also provide services for specific themes, such as climate change countermeasures and supply chain.
Service Examples
CSR Support (CSR Education for Employees, Preparation of CSR Reports and Integrated Reports, ESG Assessments)
Supply Chain Management Support (Supply Chain Management Policies, System Development, Preparation of CSR Procurement Questionnaires for Suppliers, Assessments, CSR Audits for Suppliers, EHS Audits, Preparation of Audit Manuals)
CSR initiatives
“CSR” stands for “Corporate Social Responsibility.” The term CSR was associated with philanthropic endeavors, such as environmental activities, volunteerism, and donation drives.
However, in recent years, the concept has been shifting toward “integrating initiatives into corporate management to fulfill a company’s social responsibility.”
Advisory Services for Financial Institutions
“ESG financing”―which is investment and financing conducted with ESG in mind―is expanding rapidly throughout the world.
Drawing on extensive expertise that comes from providing support for environmental and social assessments to financial institutions over two decades, we provide various forms of support to expand ESG financing that takes both negative and positive impacts on the environment and society into account.
Service Examples
Environmental and Social Assessment Support for Individual Projects
System Development Support for Financial Institutions
Sustainable Finance Support for Businesses



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