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Business Description

EHS Support

We support the building of Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) management systems and conduct EHS audits of customers and supply chains. We maintain partnerships with local consulting companies overseas and can even provide EHS support for overseas sites.

Markets and Trends

The building of an EHS management system encourages improvements of identified problems and reductions of risk by verifying compliance with EHS-related laws/regulations and internal standards. It can therefore help ensure worksite safety and improve consideration for surrounding environments as well as lead to measures to ensure health and safety and address business continuity risk. The EHS management system trend now extends to supply chains.
Supporting the Building of EHS Management Systems
We help our customers build EHS management systems by preparing EHS procedures and other documentation, providing EHS training to employees, conducting risk assessments, preparing internal audit checklists, and providing information on revisions to EHS-related laws and regulations.
Depending on the content of the support provided, we make periodic visits to targeted sites, hold discussions with the personnel in charge of EHS there, and then provide the best possible support to those sites.
Service Examples
Arrangement of EHS-related laws and regulations and preparation of an internal audit checklist for the construction of a new plant by an eyeglasses manufacturer
Support to a pharmaceutical company in correcting areas of non-compliance with the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI)
Support to a chemical manufacturer for the preparation of EHS that are compliant with corporate standards
EHS Management Systems
EHS management systems manage the environment, health and safety as a single unit. Many global companies have established such systems as a progressive initiative in recent years. In 2018, ISO 45001, an international standard for occupational health and safety management systems, was issued, and since then awareness of EHS management systems as well as the ISO 14001 environmental management standard has been rising.
In Japan, the number of occupational accidents has stopped falling in part because health and safety initiatives have been implemented haphazardly. This situation is driving the introduction of occupational health and safety management systems.
Thus, there is growing demand for the building of EHS management systems as a means of effectively managing EHS.
EHS Audit Support
With EHS audits, we can verify not only compliance with the EHS-related laws and regulations of the national and local governments but also with the company’s internal standards. When conducting an audit, we confirm the content of the client’s internal standards beforehand and grasp the details of each requirement. Then we hold interviews, review EHS-related materials, and make on-site observations at the audit site. On the audit’s final day, we hold a briefing where we inform the client of any areas of non-compliance and other matters.
We also provide support concerning ways of making improvements upon request.
Service Examples
An internal EHS audit targeting five domestic plants of a Japanese machinery manufacturer
PSCI-based supplier audit targeting 17 plants in the domestic supply chain (primarily pharmaceutical companies) of an American pharmaceuticals company
Internal EHS audit targeting the Japanese branch offices (approximately 20 branch offices) of an American consumer company
Supplier Audits
Recently, more and more companies throughout the world are stressing the environment, health and safety, human rights, and other concerns throughout their supply chains as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR).
Among the codes of behavior that have been developed with this aim are the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) for the electronics industry and the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI) for the pharmaceuticals industry. An increasing number of companies are conducting audits to verify their suppliers’ compliance with these codes.



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