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Support for Action on Climate Change

Utilizing our domestic and overseas networks with industry, academia, and government, we provide services concerning government policy trends, technical trends, and market studies for a broad range of fields, including refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, refrigerant consumption (conversion) and refrigerant management (e.g., leak prevention and destruction) in Southeast Asia and other regions.
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Markets and Trends

International efforts to reduce ozone layer-depleting substances (CFCs and HCFCs) are progressing under the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. Looking ahead, it is expected that efforts made under the Protocol’s Kigali Amendment will help combat climate change by targeting HFCs, which have a greenhouse effect, throughout their entire life cycle―in other words, through reduced consumption, lower global warming potential (GWP), leak controls, and recovery, reclamation, and destruction.
Support for Promoting Fluorocarbons Lifecycle Management (International)
Managing fluorocarbons throughout their life cycle―which includes consumption (refrigerant conversion and lower GWP), use, recovery, reclamation, and destruction―can help combat climate change. We have been conducting studies on the management of fluorocarbon refrigerant in Southeast Asia since 2013. Through them, we grasp trends in legislation, on-the-ground conditions, and needs as well as provide effective support using Japan’s expertise in this field.
Service Examples
Studies on Regulations and Systems concerning Refrigeration/Air-Conditioning Equipment and Refrigerants
Awareness Raising Seminars and Capacity Building for Refrigerant Management
Studies on the Diffusion Potential of High-Efficiency/Low-GWP Technologies (International)
When it is assumed that global demand for refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment will grow, it becomes clear that higher efficiency of equipment and lower GWP refrigerant must be pursued as a package.
We conduct market studies on refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment in developing countries, grasp local needs and issues, and provide information that is useful in diffusing high-efficiency equipment and low-GWP refrigerants.
Service Examples
Market Studies on Refrigeration/Air-Conditioning Equipment and Refrigerants
Seminars on Technology Diffusion
Support for Business Implementation related to Fluorocarbons Management (International)
Japanese companies possess technologies for managing and using refrigeration/air-conditioning equipment and refrigerants (including maintenance, leak prevention, recovery, reclamation, and destruction). However, these technologies are not fully introduced in developing countries. This situation leads to expectations of more widespread use there in the future.
We conduct studies oriented toward diffusing Japanese companies’ technologies and products in developing countries and provide services to support their commercialization.
Service Examples
Market Studies on Refrigeration/Air-Conditioning Equipment and Refrigerants
Local Fact-Finding Studies and Needs Studies
Seminars on Technology Diffusion
Fluorocarbons Management and Measures to Climate Change
HFCs, HCFCs, and other fluorocarbons have global warming potentials (GWP) that are hundreds and thousands of times higher than CO2. This means that controlling their emission into the atmosphere has great significance in efforts to combat climate change. In Southeast Asia and other developing countries, in particular, the proper systems for fluorocarbon management do not exist, and therefore the most of used fluorocarbon tend to be discharged into the atmosphere. Moreover, there are concerns about greenhouse gas emissions associated with escalating energy consumption that will come from anticipated increases in the demand of refrigeration/air-conditioning equipment.
It has been pointed out that if improper fluorocarbon management is not rectified amid international efforts to combat climate change, this situation will affect the achievement of targets under the Paris Agreement. Thus, there is a need to combat climate change through a package that combines fluorocarbon management with more highly efficient refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment.
Support for Studies toward Introduction of Renewable Energy
The introduction of renewable energy is the most effective means of combatting global warming. Its attention and necessity is increasing from various aspects, including the use of purely domestic energy sources and the development of independent power sources.
We have provided services associated with the introduction of renewable energy since the 1980s. Drawing on our accumulated achievements, experience, and technical expertise, we assist in the introduction of renewable energy through various consulting services that cover all areas of the business.
Service Examples
Surveys, Abundance Studies, and Zoning
Power Generation Prediction
Technical Due Diligence
Progress Checks During Construction and Post-Completion Checks
Performance Verification (at Completion of Construction and after Commencement of Operation)
Repowering/Replacement-Related Services
Research & Development
Support for the Introduction of Renewable Energy by Local Governments



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