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Environmental Impact Assessment for an Offshore Wind Power Project
ClientPrivate company (wind power project operator)
LocationTohoku region
We conducted the environmental impact assessment for a large-scale offshore wind farm that will be situated about one kilometer from the coast. It took about four years to complete the entire procedure, including a one-year on-site study as well as predictions and assessments, while holding residents’ briefings, review board meetings, and the like at each stage.

PROJECTProject outline

This project involves the installation of a large-scale bottom-mounted offshore windfarm about one kilometer from the coast. At the time of our assessment, environmental impact assessments for offshore wind power projects were still in their infancy, and assessment items, study methods, and other aspects of environmental assessments were not yet fully established. As a result, new views and opinions that had never been encountered before arose at each review board meeting. With a lack of precedents to rely on, we executed the procedures for the document on primary environmental impact consideration, scoping document, draft environmental impact statement, and environmental impact statement based on the Environmental Impact Assessment Act.
The environmental assessment items selected were noise, ultra-low frequency noise, water turbidity, wind turbine shadows, underwater noise, animals (birds), marine animals, marine vegetation, landscapes, and waste. Given that part of the project’s aim is to contribute to the local economy, we partnered with a local measurement and analysis company and natural environment research company that are familiar with the proposed site and conducted on-site studies with advice from local university professors and other experts. We also assembled simulations covering living environment-related items as well as expertise on natural environment-related items (including know-how from overseas), and conducted predictions and assessments based on views expressed by the review board.
When we began the procedures for this project, environmental impact assessments for offshore wind power had already been conducted by several projects in other sea areas. However, only a few involving bottom-mounted offshore wind farms near coastal areas had gone as far as the environmental impact statement stage amid local opposition and stringent positions by government ministers. This project was the first involving bottom-mounted wind turbines to complete everything from the submittal of the document on primary environment impact consideration to the inspection of environmental impact statement within a procedure period of about four years.
Comment from the person in charge

In part due to national government policy, we expect to see more projects involving the installation of large-scale offshore wind farms in locations several kilometers from the coastline. Offshore wind power is watched closely by not only local residents but also fishery cooperatives, bird protection groups, and others. Additionally, it entails many uncertainties, as no precedents for the large-scale commercialization of offshore wind power exist in Japan. In view of these factors, it can be expected that difficulties will be encountered in studies of region-specific environment protection measures and consensus-building with local residents. We stand ready to help you overcome these challenges by applying cutting-edge expertise and experience.

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